"Obstacles are those frightful things you see
when you take your eyes off your goal"

Henry Ford

Villa (Rio Maior)

Area: 700m2


Location: Vila da Marmeleira, Rio Maior - Portugal


Customer: Private


Project's Description:

Rehabilitation of a 1952 Villa (Concrete), with four floors. The existing structure is made of reinforced concrete, with ceramic blocks, constituted by large console spans and a diversity of structural elements. The architecture ir organic, where straight and curve elements prevail. In the first stage was rehabilitated the Groud Floor for housing purposes, constituted by three WC's, three Rooms, two Living Rooms, one Kitchen, one Technical Area, one Storage Room and one Library.


Services Provided:

BIM Modeling: Architecture, Structure and MEP; Clash detection.



Port 1.1 Port 1.2
 Port 1.3  Port 1.4



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