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BIM Modeling (3D)

BIM appears as being a smart digital representation of a set of integrated data defining a building, thereby allowing the use, reuse and exchange of information, from a 3D-2D modeling technology, in which all electronic documents are part of a unique 3D model.

Our 3D BIM modeling service has the following specialties:

  • Architecture; 
  • Structure; 
  • MEP.

Besides the various types specialties, we do BIM modeling in different Levels of detail (LOD’s), starting from a less detailed modeling (for simple visualization and clash detection) up to a level of details that enables to estimate costs, plan the sequence of construction and manage the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Through an existing partnership between Urban360 and ENGworks (www.engworks.com), we also commercialize the BIMXchange CMS product (for more information click here), developed by ENGworks and commercialized in Portugal by Urban360.

BIMXchange CMS (Content Management Solution) is an intelligent, lightweight Web application which runs directly within Revit. It utilizes the ENGworks Cloud to store, search, and deliver Revit content. Users are able to exchange different libraries of Revit content, such as ENGworks, Manufacturer, Generic, or other Custom Libraries.


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