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Facility management

In this area, Urban360’s approach consists on creating a BIM model and through this to develop a database of the building’s information for maintenance purposes.

The BIM model will work as a logical and consistent source of all information associated to the building, becoming a detailed and shared resource, which is maintained and updated (due to necessity of changes, additions or reformulations of use) till the end of building’s lifetime.

Through an existing partnership between Urban360 and ENGworks (www.engworks.com), it is proposed, in order to enhance a Facility Management (6D) service of high efficiency, the implementation of the YouBIM product (for more information click here), developed by ENGworks and commercialized in Portugal by Urban360.

YouBIM is a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS – Software as a Service), cloud-based solution which sought to extend the value of BIM throughout the building´s lifecycle, by integrating information and making it instantly available in the form of data-rich online Models. YouBIM also gives owners an integrated database and instant access to facility information through an easy-to-navigate web-based 3D/BIM interface. In other words, YouBIM is an online 6D application, being 6D an acronym for Facility Management.


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