“You can use an eraser on the drafting table
or a sledge hammer on the construction site.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

BIM Coordination

Most problems which take place on site, result from a poor coordination of projects. BIM methodology promotes the good coordination between the projects’ specialties, leading to a correct and efficient installation during construction, complemented by the automatic clash detection of the elements in a project.

With BIM, the geometry, data and the elements’ behavior are integrated, allowing the establishment of relationships between them. Their unique features allow representing and simulating buildings’ real behavior, automating the document’s production, determining the project’s associated costs and its execution and, at the same time, facilitating the communication and coordination between stakeholders, allowing a high increase in productivity.

In addition to modeling services, we can automatically extract from the model the following elements:

  • Plan views, sections and elevations of any area of the infrastructure; 
  • Bill of quantities; 
  • Materials and equipments lists; 
  • 3D Images; 
  • Renders

The BIM coordination process from Urban360, involves the analysis of the construction cost and its execution process, promoting coordination meetings (face-to-face and virtual) with architects, engineers, consultants, owners, contractors and suppliers.

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