“We must ask where we are and whither we are tending.”
Abraham Lincoln

Progress Control

Adapted to the reality of each customer, according to their needs and the project’s dimension, the aim of this service is to monitor the status of the approved budget and ensure an effective control over the changes that may occur throughout the project life cycle. The progress control service provided by Urban360 includes the following processes:

  • Influencing the factors that origin changes to the baseline; 
  • Assuring that the change requests are addressed on time; 
  • Managing changes as they occur; 
  • Monitoring performance (in terms of time and cost) in order to control the changes to the approved baseline; 
  • Preventing non approved changes; 
  • Keeping stakeholders updated regarding the approved changes and their associated costs; 
  • Suggesting and implementing corrective actions on the costs overrun in order to bring them to the planned values.

The performance is measured through the Earned Value Management technique, which integrates scope, cost and time. As the project moves forward, the team develops several forecasts based on the activities’ productivity and fluctuations of the market prices, which can lead to overruns of the approved budget.

It will ensure reconciliation between actual and estimated costs, and the subsequent integration with the accounting area of you company.

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