“A man who does not think and plan long ahead,
will find trouble right at his door.”


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For who?

The services provided by Urban360 are directed to the construction industry, especially for the public and private works’ owners, contractors, designers, architects and consultancy companies.

For the owners, designers, architects and consultancy companies, the advantages of these services are the optimization of the decision processes and the integrated management of the several components of a project/enterprise. Moreover, they allow managing the implementation of actions, in order to ensure compliance with the scope, time and budgets while ensuring a change management properly monitored and controlled.

On the contractors’ side, besides the control of deadlines and costs of their resources, they can still use these services to report to the client the progress of the project, in an efficient and transparent way, and yet ensuring the involvement of the stakeholders.

The group of professionals who are part of the technical team, are highly proficient in a variety of information technologies (namely Revit, Archicad, MsProject and CCS). These professionals can be allocated to the projects in various ways, depending on the customer’s needs.

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